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Special Issue | July and August, 2019 | Vol. 32 Nº 4

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Physical Activity, Exercise and Sport: A Five-Star Path for a Better Cardiovascular Health


Jorge Pinto Ribeiro: a True Icon of Exercise Physiology and Cardiology


Exercise, Sports & Cardiovascular Health: Relevant Questions and Answers

Invasive Coronary Physiological Assessment in Symptomatic Middle-Aged Endurance Athletes


CLINIMEX Aerobic Fitness Questionnaire: Proposal and Validation

Classification System for Cardiorespiratory Fitness Based on a Sample of the Brazilian Population

The Physical Activity Level, Body Composition and Diabetes Mellitus Influence the Association Between Depression and Hypertension in Community-Dwelling Elders

Comparative Analysis of Direct and Indirect Methods for the Determination of Maximal Oxygen Uptake in Sedentary Young Adults

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Patients with Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator: A Retrospective Study

Speed and Grade Increment During Cardiopulmonary Treadmill Testing: Impact on Exercise Prescription

Physical Activity and Incidence of Atrial Fibrillation - Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


Update on Sports Participation for Athletes with Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators

Measuring Heart Rate During Exercise: From Artery Palpation to Monitors and Apps

Effects of Exercise Training on Cardiovascular and Autonomic Parameters in Stroke Survivors: A Systematic Review

Sudden Cardiac Death in Sports: Why Its Prevalence is So Different by Gender?

Physical Exercise in the Management of Erectile Dysfunction in Patients with Heart Failure


Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes: Do not Miss Suspicious Details