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Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

1. Editorial Office
The Editorial Board includes specialists recognized in their field of activity. Full names and member affiliations can be seen here.
- Contact the editorial office:
E-mail: revistaijcs@cardiol.br
Phone number: +55 21 34782784 / +55 21 34782783

2. Authors’ duties
- No fee or charge is required for submitting manuscripts or publishing in the journal.
- Authors are required to participate and respond to the peer review process.
- All authors should contribute significantly to the research and state their contribution.
- All authors are required to provide retractions or correction of errors.
- All references used must include citations, and any financial support and conflicts of interest must be declared.
- The manuscript submitted must be original and cannot be published in more than one journal.

3. Peer Review
- All content published in the journal must be peer reviewed.
- Peer review is conducted by obtaining the opinion/judgment of experts on the manuscripts.
- Judgments must be clear and straightforward.
- The entire peer review process is described in the Publication Guidelines. Click here.
- Reviewers must declare any type of conflict of interest and state any relevant studies published that have not yet been cited.
- Revised manuscripts must be kept confidential under double-blind analysis.

4. Ethical Publication
- The Brazilian Society of Cardiology (the institution responsible for the publication of the journal) and the editors will not allow any cases of plagiarism. All manuscripts will be checked by an anti-plagiarism system (iThenticate).
- If the editors of the journal hear any reports of this sort, actions will be taken to retract or correct the manuscripts concerned as required according to the rules set forth by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).
- The plagiarism detection policy is described in the Publication Guidelines. Click here.

5. Copyright and Open Access
- All co-authors are directed to sign the copyright transfer statement to the journal.
- The journal is published online on an open access basis, with full access to all manuscripts published.
- Licensing adopted: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International – CC BY: it allows others to distribute, remix, adapt and build upon their work, including for commercial purposes, provided that they give credit for the original creation. This is the most flexible of licenses, where the focus is the dissemination of knowledge.
- The journal is in favor of Open Science and accepts Preprints. For further information, click here.

6. Other Information
- For further information on the journal, such as ownership, management, archiving, mission and indexing, click here.