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Volume 33, Nº 4, July and August 2020


DOI: https://doi.org/10.36660/ijcs.20200104


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” (Leonardo Da Vinci)

Weimar Kunz Sebba Barroso

Paulo Gentil

Although scientists are developing many complex tools for the detection and prevention of diseases, simple measures are still proven to be valid. For example, body mass index (BMI) have been criticized for not considering lean body mass. However, recent studies have shown that a high BMI is associated with cardiometabolic risks, even in the presence of high levels of lean body mass.1 Therefore, with a weight scale and a stadiometer, we can say many important things. Based on the article by Silva et al.,2 we can add another tool to the toolbox: a measure tape. The authors show that waist circumference is associated with blood pressure, glucose, and lipid levels. In some cases, waist circumference explained more than 60% of the variability of a risk factor. Important to say that many of these parameters underlie some of the more prevalent diseases and most common causes of death, like hypertension, diabetes, and cancer.

Keywords: Body Weight and Measures; Abdominal Circumference Anthropometry /instrumentation; Young Adult; Women; Blood Pressure; Risk Factors.