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Volume 115, Nº 1, July 2020


DOI: https://doi.org/10.36660/abc.20200434


Myocardial Injury in COVID-19: a Challenge for Clinical Cardiologists

Roberto Cintra de Azevedo Aragão

Mariana Carvalho Alves

Hellen Dutra Passos

Luiz Flavio Galvão Gonçalves

Leonardo Baumworcel

José Augusto Soares Barreto-Filho

Figure 2 – Post-contrast sequences (A, B, and C), demonstrating meso-epicardial late enhancement, involving inferior, inferolateral and antero-lateral walls, with slight extension to the adjacent pericardium and associated hypersignal, in black-blood sequences, predominantly in T2 (D).

Keywords: Cardiovascular Diseases; Chest Pain; Cardiac Injury; Myocarditis; Coronavirus; COVID-19; Pandemic.p>