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Volume 112, Nº 1, January 2019


DOI: http://www.dx.doi.org/10.5935/abc.20180266


Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy/Dysplasia (ARVC/D) - What We Have Learned after 40 Years of the Diagnosis of This Clinical Entity

Jorge Elias Neto

Joelci Tonet

Robert Frank

Guy Fontaine

Figure 2 – Two examples of voltage mapping for ventricular tachycardia ablation in patients with ARVC/D. 1A) Mapping of epicardial voltage showing (in red) áreas of scar in the outflow tract and basal region of the RV. 1B) Mapping of endocardial voltage showing the presence of more extensive scar areas in the same region. 1C) Perspective showing the correlation of the scar areas with the coronary tree. 2A and 2B) Voltage mapping used for substrate ablation in a patient with ICD with multiple therapies. Radiofrequency applications (white and red circles) distributed in the endocardial and epicardial regions. 3C) Mapping image showing scar presence affecting the LV.

Keywords: Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia/physiopathology; Arrhythmias, Cardiac/diagnostic imaging; Catheter Ablation; Defibrillators, Implantable; Magnetic Resonance Imaging.