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Volume 111, Nº 6, December 2018


DOI: http://www.dx.doi.org/10.5935/abc.20180218


Cardiovascular Manifestations of Erdheim-Chester’s Disease: A Case Series

Isabela Bispo Santos da Silva Costa

André Neder Ramires Abdo

Cristina Salvadori Bittar

Silvia Moulin Ribeiro Fonseca

Aline Sabrina Holanda Teixeira Moraes

Roberto Kalil Filho

Juliana Pereira

Ludhmila Abrahão Hajjar

Figure 1 – Images A to D refer to case 1 and the images from E to H refer to case 2. Images A and B represent images of 18-FDG PET-CT showing lesion in the right atrium roof. The C image represent CMR image, SSFP cine 4 chambers with hypointense lesion in the right atrium roof. The D image represents a transthoracic echocardiogram image with the same topography. The images E and F represent 18-FDG PET-CT with capturing lesion in the right atrium and G and H images represent contrast computed tomography showing evidence of expansive right atrial.

Keywords: Erdheim-Chester Disease/diagnosis; Erdheim-Chester Disease/drug therapy; Erdheim-Chester Disease/pathology; Biopsy; Prognosis