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Volume 111, Nº 1, July 2018




Indications of PCSK9 Inhibitors for Patients at High and Very High Cardiovascular Risk

Paulo Eduardo Ballvé Behr

Emilio Hideyuki Moriguchi

Iran Castro

Luiz Carlos Bodanese

Oscar Pereira Dutra

Paulo Ernesto Leães

Pedro Pimentel Filho

Figure 1 – Absolute risk reduction for the same relative LDL-C level reduction from different initial LDL-C levels. (Reprint with permission from Oxford University Press).

Keywords: Cardiovascular Diseases/complications; Cardiovascular Diseases/mortality; Coronary Artery Disease; Proprotein Convertase 9; Hyperlipoproteinemia Type II; Ezetimibe, Simvastatin Drug Combination.