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Volume 110, Nº 5, May 2018


DOI: http://www.dx.doi.org/10.5935/abc.20180075


Paradoxical Aortic Stenosis: Simplifying the Diagnostic Process

Vitor Emer Egypto Rosa

João Ricardo Cordeiro Fernandes

Antonio Sergio de Santis Andrade Lopes

Roney Orismar Sampaio

Flávio Tarasoutchi

Figure 1 – Algorithm proposed for the diagnosis of paradoxical aortic stenosis. * In patients with BMI above 30 kg/m2, we must use 0.5 cm2/m2 value as reference for iAVA. AS: aortic stenosis; AVA: aortic valve area; Vel: jet velocity; Grad: gradient; EF: ejection fraction; iAVA: indexed aortic valve area; sBP: systolic blood pressure; CT: computed tomography.

Keywords: Aortic Valve Stenosis; Echocardiography; Aortic Valve.