ABC | Volume 113, Nº5, November 2019

ABC Cardiol Journal of Brazilian Society of Cardiology Brazilian Society of Cardiology ISSN-0066-782X Volume Number 113 5 November 2019 Chief Editor Carlos Rochitte Internacional Coeditor João Lima Editors Gláucia Moraes Alexandre Colafranceschi Ieda Jatene João Cavalcante Marcio Bittencourt Marina Okoshi Mauricio Scanavacca Paulo Jardim Pedro Lemos Ricardo Stein Tiago Senra Vitor Guerra Another step in medical education in portuguese speaking countries Metabolic disorders in a modified dyslipidemia model Antioxidant effect of rat environmental enrichment cTEE in pulmonary artery dilation in HSS Antiarrhythmic effects of d-limonene Normal values for new echocardiographic techniques New-Onset atrial fibrillation in STEMI Catheterization with one-catheter strategy Telemedicine in hypertension diagnosis Deposit diseases and ventricular hypertrophy Figure 4 da Page 989.