ABC | Volume 112, Nº2, February 2019

ABC Cardiol Journal of Brazilian Society of Cardiology Brazilian Society of Cardiology ISSN-0066-782X INFECTIVE ENDOCARDITIS PRE-EXISTING CARDIOPATHY CLINICAL SUSPICION FEVER+MURMUR SIGNS OF SYSTEMIC EMBOLIZATION + + + – – – – – BLOOD CULTURE TRANSTHORACIC ECHOCARDIOGRAM IE DIAGNOSIS DEFINITE DUKE TRANSESOPHAGEAL ECHOCARDIOGRAM SEROLOGIES POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION RIBOSOMAL RNA SPECIAL CULTURES PET SCAN/CT MAGNETIC RESONANCE MULTISLICE TOMOGRAPHY REJECTED DUKE * CONSIDER ALTERNATIVE DIAGNOSIS Figure 1 of Page 202. Volume Number 112 2 February 2019 Chief Editor Carlos Rochitte Internacional Coeditor João Lima Editors Gláucia Moraes Ieda Jatene João Cavalcante Marcio Bittencourt Marina Okoshi Mauricio Scanavacca Paulo Jardim Pedro Lemos Ricardo Stein Tiago Senra Tirone David Study of myocardial perfusion in obese individuals without known IHD Conversion to total cavopulmonary connection Antiplatelet resistance in young MI patients Prevalence of dyslipidemia in adolescents Garlic and exercise increase cardiac angiogenesis Cut-point for Dietary Sodium Restriction Questionnaire Trimetazidine effects on diabetic hearts Exercise effects on ovariectomized mice The Year in Cardiology 2018: ABC Cardiol and RPC at a glance